Week 1: The Road to $1M/ARR

I'm a designer, but I also love to cook.

I sometimes share the meals I make on Twitter. People often ask me for recipes; but I don't actually have my recipes written down anywhere. It's all from memory. So, even if I wanted to share them, I don't have an easy way to copy & paste them.

So, about a month ago, after many requests from my followers, I decided I'd start sharing my recipes online; at a small cost. That's when I created Season & Serve; a members-only $10/m recipe site. (For contrast, New York Times Cooking is $5/m)

The idea is simple: Every Friday, you will learn to cook a new, fresh, healthy & delicious meal. Over time, you will be able to cook all sorts of delicious homemade no-fuss meals.

It's 7-ish days since I launched Season & Serve, and I've had 2 sign-ups (after 670 uniques, mostly driven from my Twitter account). This might not seem like much, but that's still $15 MRR more than the previous week. (one of the sign-ups is using a coupon, so it at full rate that would be $20 MRR). Here's the cool thing about recurring revenue, it forces you to play the long-game. I like that.

If I can retain these subscribers for a year, that's an $180 extra in my bank account. Pretty sweet. The opportunity I see: If I can continue to grow this business at 2 new subscribers per week (and retain them for a year), by the end of the year Season & Serve will be making me an extra $10k/year. For what is a fun side-project, that's very good IMO. Of course, I expect churn and down-months, but I still think 100 paying subscribers by week 52 is not unreasonable.

My Hypothesis:

Billions of people cook meals every day. My belief is that there are easily 10,000 people out there that would pay $10/m to learn how to cook healthy homemade meals.

At that scale, Season & Serve would be a $1 million/year business.

Even if it takes 10 years to get to 10,000 subscribers, that's a very good deal.

Cooking doesn't seem to be going out of fashion either, and I'm not sure it ever will.

Obviously, this isn't my first time building an online content subscription service. fulltimewebdesign.com also generates a revenue every month, and has done since launch for the last 2+ years.

For those wondering, I built both of these websites using the Jobs To Be Done research method combined with Webflow + Memberstack for development.

The reason I share all of this is because my overall goal is to inspire people like you to design & build profitable websites, for yourself or your clients.

If you've read this far, I'd like to give you a gift. You can get 50% OFF Season & Serve forever with the coupon-code: NEWSKILL


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