Is It Hard To Sell Design Services?

Earlier today, I was on IndieHackers, when I saw a question about selling design services.

They asked: "Any pointers on how can I sell my UI skills?"

This was my answer:

First up, selling design services is not hard. You just have to understand (and never forget) what it means to be a designer.

As designers, we need to understand and communicate the true purpose of design.

Design, in many people's eyes, is just how it looks. Of course, it's much more than that. Design is how it works, and more importantly, how it drives value to the businesses we work with.

In short: Design is a profit centre for business.

Okay, this sounds good, but what does "profit centre" mean?

Simple. Let me explain in detail:

Imagine a landing page with for a daily marketing newsletter. And let's assume this newsletter makes money from sponsored links in each of their daily newsletters. And let's say they make $1 per click on those links. In summary: The more people on their newsletter, the more people who click the sponsored links, the more money they make.

So, how can a designer be a "profit centre" in this situation?

If the design of the landing page is unclear, unprofessional, hard-to-read or not well considered on mobile, then we should assume that the conversion rates will be lower than they could be. Let's say the conversion rate is 1% at this stage.

As designers, we have an ideal opportunity to use our critical UI/UX knowledge to improve the clarity, legibility and responsiveness of this landing page. If we do this properly, we can estimate with a good degree of certainty that we should be able to improve the number of people signing-up to the newsletter. Perhaps our work will improve the conversion rate to 2%.

A jump from 1% to 2% is a 100% change. That's big, but not unrealistic.

So, over the next 12 months, this newsletter will grow at 2X speed because of the design work we did. This will then result in a 2X increase in clicks, and thus revenue for this business. (Oh and we haven't even started with improving the design of the newsletter itself)

So, because as a designer we took the time to understand and position ourselves as profit centres, we are now able to reasonably and confidently work with businesses to improve their KPIs and thus their bottom line.

This is a very simple example, but it's also quite a reasonable and common example. There are many other ways for a designer to add value and make money, but this is just one. You just have to remember your core value. It's not UI, it's not UX, it's profit; and UI and UX are just tools to enable that.

Have a great day.

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