How To Make Money On Twitter

I saw a post on IndieHackers today, it read:

"Do you use Twitter to acquire customers?"

My answer: YES!

I can't put an exact figure on how much money I've made from Twitter exactly, but it is a very reasonable amount. Per year, I make an amount from Twitter that is perhaps comparable to a mid-level job at a tech company. (I've worked at/with a few pretty well-known tech companies.)

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Anyway, if you're trying to sell anything that improves people's work or life (it could be info products, software, courses, etc,) there are the main things that I find work well on Twitter:

• Stay on topic. People follow you for a specific kind of content. Find out what resonates and stick with that. That's why they follow you.

• Tweet often.

• Keep your content positive. There's enough snarky negativity on the platform, people really enjoy positive content. But, the positivity has to be realistic too.

• Be helpful. Give people concentrated wisdom. You can only really do this if you actually know what you're talking about. A lot of people just speak in platitudes. They don't really help. You want your insights to be genuine, useful and refreshing. Not a repeat of whatever everyone else is saying. Twitter is all about the personality of the individual. But if you can't think of wise content, don't fake it, just aim to be helpful. Try tweeting out awesome & useful on-topic stuff you find online.

• Work on getting your offer dialled in. Nobody wants to buy something vague. It needs to speak to something they genuinely care about and value. (The Jobs To Be Done research method is your friend, look it up, study it, that's the best advice I can give you)

• Don't be afraid to sell. This will depend on the kind of offer you have. Either way, you need to Tweet your offer often. At least a few times a week. Don't be afraid to do flash sales with coupons. Even for saas products. People like being rewarded for their attention.

• Keep your DMs open and let people know they can DM you any questions. But feel free to close your DMs from time to time if you're getting lots of spam.

•Make your bio clear and understandable. Use a real, well-lit distinctive and friendly photo of yourself.

There are many other things you can do, and I'm still figuring it out, but these things have worked for me and I hope that helps you get started.

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