How To Find Web Design Clients

I shared this technique on Twitter, but I want to document it here on my blog.

Okay, so you want more clients?

Here's how to do web design outreach on Instagram.

Step 𝟭

Pick an industry.

For example: "Fitness"

Go to

Search "Fitness"

Find the hashtag

Scroll down to "Most Recent"

Step 2

Find someone who takes their work seriously.

This guy looks like he puts in hard work. This is good.

It means he either already has an offer or if he doesn't have an offer, he might be open to it.

Step 3

Look for ways to be help.

This guy sells coaching.

He might already have a lot of clients, but he also might be interested in getting more.

Don't assume too much. Either way, as web designer, it's easy to see how you might help here.

Step 4

Do outreach the correct way.

This guy may or may not need your help.

Either way, when doing outreach, it's important to be friendly, positive & helpful.

It's also critical you respect their time.

I show you exactly how to do this properly in my make money with web design program.

Putting It In All Perspective

Apply this simple technique to other niches on Instagram (some are much better than others) and you got yourself a near–infinite list of leads.

1 billion people use Instagram every month.

You've got no excuse.

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