How I Made $32K During Lockdown

(It was more like $44k, but more on that in a minute)

I'm all about the long-game. Especially in the web design/tech business – my business. In fact, there's really no other way to do business in my opinion. You must always play the long-game.

So, what does this have to do with the $32k I made during peak lockdown?

Well, the story of this $32k actually started a few years ago with a person I decided to message for no reason other than to be helpful – and this is the lesson I want to impart: In business, find a way to help others and they'll find a way to help you.

So rewind back to 2017, when I got an email from a founder (I was on their company newsletter) saying they were on their way to pitch at Y Combinator.

I was invited to pitch at YC back in 2014, so I offered my insights and notes from my experience. I didn't do this to try sell him design work, I did it to be genuinely helpful. He was thankful and that was that.

Then, fast forward to 2019, and I was looking for a saas product to help me with one of my online businesses.

I randomly came across his product, but I had totally forgotten we had previously chatted over email. Anyway, I jumped on a sales call with him (note: he was selling to me) to learn more about his product and to see if it'd be a good fit for my business.

Then, about mid-way through the sales call we both realised we had spoken previously over email; and that I had offered to help him with his YC pitch. This instantly built trust and goodwill (key to making money). After a few minutes, the conversation quickly transitioned towards me helping him with his landing page. It hadn't been updated in years and looked a little dated.

Now I want you to remember, we got on a call with the intention of him selling me on his service (me giving him money), and now we were talking about me doing work for his company (him giving me money). The conversation progressed and within weeks we were working on our first project together: A $12k landing page + brand refresh project. That was about a year ago. It was a good project to work on and we went our separate ways.

Then, right as COVID was kicking off (he even references it in his email), I got an email from him wanting to start a larger project.

This was a much larger project (a complete redesign of his web app from the ground up); which came in at about $32k.

(Btw, I do full UI UX Design and HTML/CSS handover which allows me to charge maximally)

So, all in, I banked $44k from this one client in less than a year ($32k was during peak lockdown).

So to conclude, how was I able to do it?

By having a long-term commitment to be genuinely helpful, I make non-financial investments in my business that yield financial returns in the long-term.

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