Crazy Productivity: Samsung 49" Super UltraWide Curved Monitor

I’m not into productivity “hacks”. However, I recently purchased a 49-inch ultrawide curved monitor and it has been the single best productivity choice I’ve ever made.

I’ve tried all different types of orientations and screen setups, but since changing to a curved screen as big as this one, my workflow has become super productive. As there is no bezel in the middle of the screen, I can place my primary work in the centre of my screen and secondary activities (Notes, Slack, etc.) on either side. There is no switching between tabs and getting lost down the rabbit hole of Youtube. This approach has been a game-changer for my productivity flow.

A downside to this monitor is the pixel density. It is not the sharpest screen on the market. However, it is sharp enough to do everyday things like design work, video editing, gaming etc. My eyes have adjusted very quickly to the pixels on the screen and it’s something I don’t think about whilst working at all. I would recommend going to view this monitor in person if a super sharp and high-quality screen is what you need for work or anything else.

If you are purchasing this monitor or a similar one and want to clamp it to your desk, I would recommend purchasing a heavy duty stand and clamp as the monitor is super heavy. I currently have it clamped to my desk to save some space and it’s been working well so far.

Moving past the pixels, I believe this monitor to be one of the best purchases I’ve made that’s helped increase my productivity. I’m less distracted and having my primary work right in the centre of my screen allows me to focus solely on the work in front of me and get tasks done quicker and more efficiently. These 49-inch curved monitors will undoubtedly become more popular in the next few years for designers, developers or anyone working online.

The one I purchased can be found here on Amazon:

The Samsung 49" Super UltraWide Curved Monitor.
Pixel density of the screen about 6 inches out.

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